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    Fishing Boats Reflection - Oil on Canvas

    Graham Matthews - Out of the Bay

    Infographic of my Fish Painting Series

    Wharves and Stages - Acrylic Painting

    Uncle Harrys Stage - Pacquet, Newfoundland Painting

    Liberate - Painting based on Freedom and Being Set Free

    New Painting Series, Themes and Update

    Spring in Round Harbor - Painting of a Fishing Village

    Dories at the Stage - Acrylic Painting

    Evening at the Cove - Psychedelic Painting by Graham Matthews

    Impediment - Abstract Painting on Canvas Board

    Theres Always Hope - Surreal Drawing by Graham Matthews

    Retroversion - Abstract Drawing by Graham Matthews

    Flight - Graphite Drawing of an Eagle

    Surreal Sunset - Oil Painting and Print



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