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There is a project that I have been contemplating for quite awhile – a blog with free artist resources, art promotion tips and advice… and art-related motivational articles.

That project is called ArtProMotivate (opens in a new window). The term came to me as a mix of the words “art promotion” and “art motivate”.

Thus, as you can imagine, this blog will encompass a myriad of topics, all under the dual headings “promotion” and “motivation”.


I have been writing some posts here on this blog for the past couple of weeks. I mainly focused on Facebook and Google+, giving tutorials on signing up for each. As you can realize, art promotion online and offline is much more broader scope than just these two social networks.



There are literally hundreds of places online where one can promote their art on the internet.  Of course most people don’t have enough time to promote to all these sites. So, I will be giving some great tips on how you can organize your online time.


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I hope all of you have enjoyed my articles for the past couple weeks as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thank-you so much for all the kind comments. It means more than you can imagine.


I will certainly continue some helpful posts here, as well as explanations of some of my artworks.

Thank-you for reading!!

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