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How to Setup Your Facebook Artist Fanpage

Basic Tutorial on Artists Fan-pages

Here I will provide you with step by step instructions on setting up a Facebook artist fanpage.

I have already have 2 pages for my artworks.

Now I will set up another one for my new art-blog... Artpromotivate (There is very little there right now... still searching for a good template)

Log into Facebook

Go to your profile and scroll to the bottom.
Click on "Create a Page"

Facebook Pages for Artists

Click on "Artist, Band, or Public Figure" in the bottom left.

Artist Facebook Page

You will see...
"Artist, Band or Public Figure
Join your fans on Facebook."

Artpromotivate Facebook Art Promotion

Choose a category and create a name for your Facebook art page. If you are an artist, then choose "artist" and agree to the Facebook terms by checking the little box.

Next you can go through all the steps of setting up your Facebook art fanpage by...

  1. Uploading a profile photo (one of your best artworks, for example)
  2. Inviting your friends on Facebook and by email
  3. Filling in your basic information. Include a link to your artist profile and a artist bio if possible.

Create Facebook Artist Page

As you can see, it is very simple to create a Facebook fan-page, and you will wonder why you did not do it before.

But, you will discover that promoting your art fan-page is another challenge. I will give tips on Facebook artist fan-page promotion in an upcoming article.

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  1. Question:
    If a person already has Facebook and only viewable to some friends, may that person then set and have a Facebook art fan page which is viewable by everyone.....or is that not a good idea? If not, why have an art page if only seen by your friends. Most all my friends already know my art and can see my web page, plus most are not going to view my regular Facebook, then the art page too!

  2. A fanpage is public and is viewable by search engines... and everywhere you place your link...
    I have plenty of people who "like" my facebook page, but are not friends in my profile. They usually find me on my blog, on google+, or on search engines.

    So it basically means more exposure for your art.

    One thing I do is place my page link everywhere I have an artist profile. I can also post a link to any post I make on my blog to my fanpage. In that way, my fanpage works hand in hand with my blog. So, basically it is just one method of getting your art out there. The more places you have your art, the more people who will see your art. Facebook just makes more sense for art exposure, since millions of people spend hours on there everyday.

    I have been using Google+ too for the past couple weeks, and I find that works very well. I'll be posting about setting up a Google+ page very soon!

  3. Hi Graham. I've had a gallery blog on Blogspot since 2008. I also have a Facebook artist fanpage that I've linked to my blog. Getting people to comment has/is a major issue. When people like my page I always thank them and try to engage them in conversation, without any response. Any suggestions? Please visit my

  4. There are a couple ways to entice people to comment on your art...

    1. Check your blog settings and make sure anyone can comment... even anonymous users

    2. Ask for comments, either at the top of your blog or at the end of your post. (you can also ask for them on your Facebook fanpage by saying something like..."I love feedback about my art! Please leave a comment on my blog".. then a link to your blog...

    It's a good idea to put something like that in the description of every single image on your fanpage.... and on your profile.... or if that's too much, just put it in the album description.

    3. Respond to comments that you get.. and be very friendly.

    Hope that helped!

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! :)

  5. Graham, thank you so much for sharing this. I have a artist blog as well and you have just help me clear up many questions I had. I will also setup a Fan page for my art. I have been struggling with these question. Thanks

  6. Your very welcome...

    When I first started putting my artworks on the internet, I had so much to learn ( I was an absolute beginner!) , and very few places actually gave step by step instructions for a person like me...

    I had to learn most of it on my own... Hopefully I can help out a few of my artist friends by making the whole process of promoting art online less intimidating if you are a "newbie" like I was.

    I'm glad I helped you clear up some questions you had.

  7. I just made a new post on 7 Ways to Get LOTS of Likes to Your Facebook Artist Fanpage.

    There are lots of great tips there if you use Facebook fan-pages for art... or for anything else.

  8. Thanks for this easy to follow step by step approach. I'm not that good in facbook configs, this guide helped me achieving it. Wow! finally I've configured it correctly.


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