Graham Matthews

Life-Cycle - Abstract Painting Art of Cod Fish

This painting (below) displays a codfish life-cycle, or mating ritual. The codfish was once one of the main  fish caught by fishermen in Newfoundland. There was a time when they were so plentiful that most fishermen thought we had an endless supply. But, in the past two decades they have rapidly declined, until government was forced to have a moritorium on the fishing of cod. Since then, life has never been the same in my province of Newfoundland. Thousands of Newfoundlanders have been forced to move away to support their families because the economy has been so bad here.

These days the fishermen fish for other species of fish, such as crab and shrimp, but even that is declining and many fish-plants are closing.

Along with creating art, I used to work at a fish-plant to support my family for the past few years... but I hear that it's not reopening. Where will I work next year? That is my plight right now, but hopefully my art will support us in the meantime.

Life Cycle

Abstract Acrylic Painting

11" X 14"

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