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Greeting Cards at Fine Art America

I have lowered the price of my greeting cards at Fine Art America drastically.

I have not done this to devalue my artworks in any way. But, the thought suddenly occurred to me how effective greeting cards can be. Just think of it… greeting cards are often given to others as gifts. People often hold onto them for keepsakes too… some even stick them on their fridges.

That could be my artwork!


So, I have decreased the price to make it easier for people to buy them. When they do, hopefully others will see it and will be interested in buying one of my art prints.

Here is my pricelist for greeting cards at Fine Art America:

Single card…… 4.20
Pack of 10……. 23.00 (savings of 19.00)
Pack of 25……. 55.00 (savings of 50.00)

You should realize that I am only earning 25 cents on a single card sold. The base price that Fine Art America charges is 3.95

One of my artworks entitled “Triumph” is shown below. If you are interested in checking out others, please refer to the slideshow in the sidebar!

I will let all of you know the results I get from this…

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  1. You are so right, Graham. When people purchase an artist's greeting card, they are paying you to advertise your art - twice; first to them, then, they send it to a friend. I think of them as a large business card.
    My $4 cards have short bio and contact info on the back. Net profit is about ~ $1.80 each.

    1. I agree completely! Greeting cards are like a business card!

  2. beautiful work.. loveeee your paintings... do you deliver overseas? Glad to have found at your newest follower. you can find me at

  3. Thanks Kajal! .. and thanks so much for visiting!

    Yes, I deliver overseas.

    Also, Fine Art America, where I am making my prints available, delivers to over 240 countries! They deliver by UPS, DHL, and FEDEX.

    I checked out your blog, and followed!

  4. Hi Graham,
    I am new to social media. Can you help? Looks like you've got a good grasp of how to market your work. If you had to start from scratch what would you do? I need to build a website. What do you feel is worth buying and what isn't worth your marketing dollars?
    I appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. Hi,

      I do recommend building your own website with domain name. They are very beneficial for artists, and professional too. I will be doing articles and tutorials on artist websites at Artpromotivate very soon. You may want to subscribe, as I think they will be beneficial to you. I will be recommending some hosting companies there too...

  5. Graham Matthews your post is awesome as you have given the offer of Fine Art America as they giving greeting cards on a very low price i like the offer of Fine Art America greeting cards as they are very much affordable.


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