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Inseparable Hearts – Abstract Pencil Drawing

Inseparable Hearts is a recent graphite pencil drawing that explores the theme of love. I have completed many drawings and paintings with this theme. The most successful of these is an abstract painting named Entwined.

I have these two drawings placed together because they are similar in subject matter, symbolism, and have many other common elements. Actually, I am planning on doing a series of these exploring the same forms, and seeing where it leads me.


The forms are shaded to have a 3 dimensional effect in both, something that I am particularly good at… with lots of practice, of course. I enjoy making the shapes and forms “pop” off the paper, and being drawn into the image I am producing. Some of them look like a person can actually reach in. These actually look much better in person as opposed to on a computer screen.



Inseparable Hearts
Pencil drawing on Bristol Paper
9 inches by 12 inches
By Graham Matthews

I am planning on placing these on Fine Art America soon. I like the way they are presented there, plus it is a high resolution image. Because of the anti-copy measures that Fine Art America has, it’s near to impossible for my drawing to be stolen. These abstract drawings are lower resolution.

So, obviously, this blog is not intended to be an online gallery of my art. The drawings are too low quality to present them accurately anyway. I will be using Fine Art America for that purpose. From now on, if I have referring to an artwork that I happen to have at Fine Art America, I will be providing a link to it, so that readers can view an accurate image.

The purpose of my art-blog here is simply to write about my art. I have a lot going on when I am creating, and many times it helps to get those thoughts out. Writing is something that is helping me to focus on the themes that are important to me. This is something I am enjoying very much, and plan on continuing as I produce more paintings and drawings.



Eternal Bond
Graphite drawing on Bristol Paper
9 inches by 12 inches
Artist Graham Matthews


I have been quite busy between creating art and posting at Artpromotivate. But I am certainly dedicated to this blog, and will continue to do so.

If you have any questions about these drawings, or any of my artworks for that matter, feel free to leave a comment below.

I welcome all comments and feedback, even if they are negative, and promise to answer them.


  1. Found your blog on Ann Marie's blog (Green Room). Very interesting art, and unusual. I love the exploratory nature of your drawings/paintings. :)

  2. i love your art sir... very interesting concepts... :)

    1. Thanks tetaron.. and thank-you for visiting my artist blog!


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